Gifts Of Grace: Practical Gifts That Will Help New Christians Grow In Their Faith

28 December 2018
 Categories: Religion & Spirituality, Blog


Welcoming new believers into the Christian faith is always an exciting time for other believers. You want to make them feel welcome, but you also want to help them navigate the road through their newfound faith and help them to understand the Christian religion. One way to help new converts understand their new faith is to give them a welcoming gift that will guide them on their journey.

Christian books

The Christian book market is a great place to start when selecting a gift for new believers. Select a variety of books that explain the basics of the Christian faith. For instance, Christian books about the Bible's teaching on sin is important so the new believer will understand what God considers sinful behavior and how to overcome temptation to sin.

You should also include a book about how to study the Bible. Make sure the book contains several different Bible reading plans that will make it easy for the new believer to find a reading plan that suits their unique reading style. You should also include a book that has commonly asked questions and answers about the Christian faith.

A personalized Bible

Many churches give out basic Bibles to new converts. However, specialty Bibles are available that make Bible reading easy and include plenty of study helps. Select a binding in the recipient's favorite color or in a genuine leather binding and have their name engraved on the cover.

New believers always appreciate having a personalized Bible that will last them for years to come. Look for a Bible with wide margins that will allow the recipient plenty of space to record personal prayers and notes. Choose a translation that is easy to understand, such as the New International Version or the New Living Translation.

A scripture journal and colored pens

Select a scripture journal that has writing prompts with a daily scripture verse to focus on. This makes journaling less intimidating for new believers. A blank journal can be confusing, as new believers may find it difficult to know what to journal about or how to write out their prayers.  

Colored pens can be used to highlight thoughts or verses. They also make it easy to color coordinate verses related to specific topics. For instance, purple can be used to highlight God's promises. Red can be used to highlight scripture verses that contain warnings for believers, etc.

An invitation to a mentoring relationship

A great gift that requires no money is offering to mentor someone new in their faith. While this gift will require some of your time, the benefits of mentoring a new convert will likely enrich your life as much as theirs. There's nothing like having someone walk with you on a new journey, and your guidance will be appreciated.

Mentoring can be done as often as you like but should be at least once a month. Invite them to your home for coffee or tea or meet at the local coffee shop. Spend some of your meeting time getting to know each other and a portion of your time discussing the Bible and praying.

Welcoming a new believer into the faith is a time to celebrate. Presenting them with a special gift will help them grow in their faith. Your gesture of grace will remain with them as they continue their journey into the Christian life.